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About Studio 9

Studio 9 was founded in 2004 by mother-daughter team, Anna and Jessica Yee. Together, they launched a dance studio that would cater to the unique needs of each student. Small classes would allow the instructor to focus more attention to each student than traditional dance class sizes. Unlike other dance studios, we focus more on the creative upbringing and individual development of the student than competition. Many students were attracted to this idea simply because the ideology allowed them to dance to their own liking, with the rigours, discipline and training from a qualified instructor without worrying about being in a competitive environment.

We boast students of all ages, genders, abled and disabled. Each staff member loves to teach, choreograph and inspire dancers of all ages. We are passionate, qualified and educated in their field, and this is apparent in their teachings. We dreams to inspire future dancers and dance instructors to teach and dance with passion and compassion. The studio places much emphasis on the healthy dancer, incorporating imagery and strength training into all classes.

We are also very involved in the Toronto community, participating in events such as CNE - Chinese New Year 2004, Yee Hong Annual Dance Show, or fundraising for charitable events. We hope to provide all students who wish to perform with positive and exciting performance experiences while building their self-confidence and their awareness for social conditions.

Studio 9 Profiles

Jessica Yee
Artistic Director, Choreographer and Principal Instructor
BATD Stage Associate
York University Dance Degree

Jessica Yee has over 20 years of professional and pre-professional dance training. She began dance at the age of five, and she has now graduated from the York University Dance Program. Prior to York, Jessica studied several different disciplines in the fine arts, including dance, singing, martial arts, and music. She has participated in many competitions where she has earned many medals and awards, including Fifth overall in the Ottawa Region, and First in her category Internationally.

Jessica trained at several different dance schools and academies such as Debbie Dance Academy, Rideau Lake School of Dance, Brockville School of Dance, Zhonghua Arts and Language Academy, Ten Talent Management and Chi Ping Dance Group. Through her extensive training, she has developed her personal unique choreographic style to be a blend of different dance disciplines as well as being influenced by her oriental heritage. In 2002, Jessica earned her BATD Stage Associate and had taught part-time at the York University's recreation program for 2 years and at her private studio "Studio 9". Jessica's students have performed all over Ontario and Montreal at various events as well as appearing on national TV in Canada.

Jessica has performed and choreographed with the Chi Ping Dance Group in various events and productions. She is also part of the Le Stelle Music Theatre Program where she first appeared as one of the stepsisters in "Cinderella". She recently performed in the lead role of "The King and I" as well as Tszitel in"Fiddler on the Roof".
Anna Yee
Director and General Manager

Anna Yee has been involved in the dance scene for over 20 years. She began as a supportive parent, driving her daughter to and from classes, and today, she is the rock of Studio 9. Anna is the costume director, adminstrator, book-keeper, agent, handy-person, critic and much more. She has over 30 years experience in the business world, operating several businesses since the mid 1970's. Her sewing expertise has been widely used in various recitals, productions and events.

Frances is a dance teacher at Studio 9. She has been dancing and training for 9 years in Hong Kong, 4 years in Canada with Jessica, and 2 years of teaching experience at Studio 9. She has done ATOD jazz exams and other ballet exams when she was training in Hong Kong. She is recently in the senior performance class at Studio 9. Frances Lee is an enthusiastic and active person. She is a certified life guard and has involved with different fitness school teams like wrestling and dragon boating. She is currently studying in Ryerson University in the Food and Nutrition program.
Vasilis (DK)

Vasilis is a charismatic individual with over 12 years of experience break-dancing and competing throughout the GTA as well as New York in the break-dance community. Alongside his Crew Saiko Skematiks, he has performed for a wide variety of audiences ranging from kids online entertainment programming to festival performances and even private parties for members of parliament. Vasilis is known for his emphasis on more abstract styles of breakdancing and has a deep passion for helping his students reach their creative potential while keeping them motivated in a fun learning environment.

Arshiya was born in India, in a small city called Jammu. Her passion for dancing began at the age of 5; when her mother took her to her very first dance class. She shorty left India and arrived in Canada at the age of 8. It has now been over 15 years, and dance has never left her life. She is now part of two professional dance teams and performs at various events. She has performed at renowned events such as Iffa awards, DesiFest, Raptors, and even in a Bollywood movie called Dr. Cabi. Arshiya is a free style dancer but incorporates various dance styles such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Belly Dancing. She is currently teaching her own class called Bellyfit; consisting of belly dance and Yoga. Arshiya hopes to bring happiness through her dance, not only within her culture but all over the world.

Cassandra’s desire for the art of dance was evident from a early age, and dance soon became a driving force in her life. Receiving her formal training from Young Dancers Of Canada, All That Dance, And Art And Soul Dance Company she now continues to train with professionals in the industry. Throughout her competitive years, Cassandra achieved much success completing her R.A.D ballet exams and winning many prestigious awards. Cassandra is presently choreographing in Toronto and has finished her studies at University Of Toronto as a Physiotherapist.

Jennifer is a dancer, assistant, and a teacher at Studio 9. She has tried many styles of dance including ballet, lyrical, jazz, and tap. Jennifer enjoys interacting with the teachers and students of Studio 9 as it exemplifies a positive and family-friendly atmosphere for all to learn and be encouraged to pursue their artistic goals. Jennifer dances for various reasons and encourages anyone interested in finding a source of creative outlet, to exercise, or just to have fun, to try dance. She teaches a creative dance class for young dancers and assists in various other classes, as well. Apart from dance, Jennifer’s favourite hobbies are listening to music and snacking.

Ashley initially entered the dance world through acrobatics and gymnastics at an early age. After competing provincially with Seneca Gymnastics, her interests later expanded into other styles of dance such as lyrical ballet and jazz. As part of the Studio 9 staff, she incorporates her background knowledge into her choreography and teaching style in Beginner and Intermediate Acrobatics.

Mary began dancing at the age of six, going into jazz, ballet, and lyrical. She uses her dance experience to teach beginner jazz to both children and pre-teens. She also assists in the morning creative dance class, where she gets to work with younger children. She loves being part of the Studio 9 staff because the people are extremely kind and accepting; they're empathetic towards anyone and everyone. She recommends dance to everyone out there because it's a great form of expression. It allows you to cram some exercise into your busy schedule and alleviate your daily stresses as well. Outside of dance, Mary also plays many instruments and takes part in five ensembles at her school. Her interests include music, reading, and, evidently, dance.
Assistant Instructor

Catherine is an assistant and dancer at Studio 9. She has been dancing with Studio 9 since 2007 and does a variety of styles such as ballet and jazz. Catherine attends an art school and has experience in the other performing arts (dance, music, drama and visual arts). She has a great personality, wild imagination, loves to smile, is energetic, and loves to work with different people. As an assistant at Studio 9, she works in different classes with younger students and enjoys assisting and providing help for students to achieve their personal goals. She enjoys working in a wonderful environment filled new opportunities and kind people around her. Other than dance, Catherine also expresses her artistic features through music and the other arts. Catherine loves to dance to express, entertain, enjoy, exercise, make others smile, learn and most importantly to have fun at Studio 9.
Assistant Instructor

Alexa's love of dance begins with classical ballet, leading her to other forms of dance including lyrical, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. With over 10 years of dancing experience, she performed at various events throughout the GTA, choreographed performance for school graduation, and received distinction in the RAD exams. Art and music are her inspirations for creating dance and assisting classes.
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