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Halloween 2013

Studio 9 performance at Market Village for Halloween 2013.

  • Safe and Sound – Ashley Wang and Ailin Liu
  • Ruby Ruby – Mary Wu and Jennifer Liv
  • It’s Better With a Friend – Caitlyn and Anika
  • A Thousand Years – Rebecca Zhang, Sherry Liu and Ashley Wang
  • Burlesque – Frances Lee, Angela Yang, Danielle White, Jenny Song, Cane Du and Ailin Liu

Happy Mother’s Day!

Studio 9 performing fun and beautiful pieces to help celebrate Mother’s Day at Market Village.

  • Good Thoughts: Lyrical ballet – Claire, Brianne, Stephanie, Jerri, Angela, Fion, Emma
  • Gangnam Style: Baby Jazz – Caitlyn, Anika, Amy, Elisa, Frances, Jennifer, Catherine
  • Poison Ivy: Broadway Jazz – Sara, Catherine, Amanda, Valery, Kimberly, Jessica
  • Diva Girls: Hip Hop – Emily, Diane, Arshiya (Debut Performance)
  • Safe and Sound: Contemporary Lyrical – Jenny, Sherry (Debut Performance)
  • Ruby Ruby: Broadway Jazz – Jennifer, Mary
  • You’re The One: Jazz – Alexa, Emma, Catherine, Alyssa, Tiffany