Year of the Snake – Oriental Centre 2013

Studio 9 celebrating the Year of the Snake at the Oriental Centre in Scarborough.

  • Year of the Snake Ribbon Dance – Chinese Dance: Janine, Cindy, Yvonne and Angela
  • Somewhere Out There – Ballet: Ella, Joanna, Anna, Chloe, Jennifer, Joyce, Angela, Sophia and Jeanna (Debut Performance)
  • Friends Around the World – Ballet: Michelle, Yvonne, Elaine, Vaness, Betty and Michelle (Debut Performance)
  • Fun With Rice – Break Dance: Teachers: DK and Anton. Dancers: Jordan and Ethan (Debut Performance)
  • A Mid-Summer’s Night – Contemporary Chinese Dance: Jenny and Ailin
  • Ruby Ruby – Broadway Jazz: Mary and Jennifer (Debut Performance)
  • Spanish Eyes – Lyrical Ballet: Angela, Isabella, Maggie, Selena, Karen, and Caityln (Debut Performance)

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