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Studio 9 Classes

Studio 9 offers a wide variety of dance styles for all ages and levels.

Creative Dance

An hour in which children learn through play. Here they will experience different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and tumbling.


Learn the building blocks of dance through classical and contemporary movement. Ballet develops grace, confidence, poise and discipline. The more advance classes will also incorporate contemporary movements to enhance the dancer’s movement vocabulary


This energetic class develops and strengthens jazz technique. This class focuses on every style of jazz, from contemporary to classical. This class will improve dynamics, power, stamina, and flexibility.

Street Jazz

A mix between Jazz and Hip Hop, this high-energy class not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm, freestyle movement, and self-confidence as well. Strength, Flexibility & Isolation is components of this class.

Contemporary Chinese Dance

Many styles of Chinese dance will be taught; ranging from the classics, to minority folk dances to contemporary dance. Technique training and choreography will be the prime focus of this class


Expressive, dynamic, liberating are a few words to describe this class. Primarily based on the Limon style of Modern, this class will incorporate imagery into movement as well as improvisation


The beauty of Ballet and the strength of Jazz and the expression of Modern are all elements of this style. This class develops control and balance through emotion and interpretation of music. It is recommended that students should also be enrolled in Jazz and Ballet.


Whether you want to Waltz at a wedding, Tango in the moonlight or get sweaty in a Salsa, this introductory course will be a lot of fun and a great way to lose a few pounds while making new friends. This is a beginner class, so anyone can come, and before you know it you'll be spinning around your buddies.

Fusion Fitness

This class incorporates different types of workouts into one class. Flexibility, balance and strength are all the main focuses of this class.

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